Saturday, December 22, 2001

All right, now that I know this is working, here we go. Welcome to my new domain page. I got so sick of pop-up ads and not being able to access my "real-world" email address when I'm out on ships, I broke down and got a paid server through Turns out, it's going to be cheaper than my monthly dial-up bill, which I only keep for the email address. MAKE NOTE - MY NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS IS JAKE@DONTTRYTHISATHOME.ORG - I'm going to send out a real announcement when I get back to Miami sometime next month, but I'm booting AT&T in favor of the address above. I'll try and update this page more frequently than I usually do - boy, if I had a dollar for every time... Most of the stuff here is working - The VW page is just some gibberish to keep the spacing right - I've got it on a machine at home that I can't access right now. The automath spreadsheet is at home too, but you can get a copy from Toby Erkson at WWW.ICBM.ORG/ERKSON - follow the links with the orange squareback and it's somewhere on the left-hand side nav menu. This page, by the way, is a BLOG - or web-log. It's a great idea for us lazy types who don't want to have to make changes with an HTML editor and then have to upload them - you can do this all from a browser. Check it out at See ya later.
Okay, now let's see if this really works.
what's going on here?
How you like that, sucka?
Wazzup? not working, eh?
This is just a test. Seeing if it works with the new domain name...
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