Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This crane would be happy to crush your vehicle on its tracks

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This is supposed to be up there by now.

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I got a plate and 6 welders standing around it now

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Regress/progress, same picture

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Lane next to us, their child is Absalom. #googleit

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Just rolled a 90. Might be my best ever

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Damn right we're bowling in a restaurant

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Actually made it in the door here. Go ahead, drink in those doughnut names. #glorious

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Appetizers for early dinner. Yes @dmfarris those are Brussels sprouts

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Good place to have an EV too. Lots of tesla model s here.

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Why yes, I did get samples of the ginger beer, ginger ale and root beer especially after seeing how it made our server Allie giggle uncontrollably

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This is how pdx rolls

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