Saturday, July 10, 2004

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Well, I've finally done it now. Due to the availability of a good used set of 36" tires from a friend of mine, I've started the lift on the Suburban. I can honestly say I probably don't want to do this one again. Plan 'A' was always to get the blue truck sorted out and then tackle the Sub with a 6" lift and bigger tires. It turned out that I wrecked the blue truck so that got sidelined, but now with the opportunity to get these tires, I've decided it's time to be a little nicer to the 'burb for a while.

Here's a shot of the rear springs and shackle flip completed. Still have to put the gas tank back in, torque everything down, and install the new shocks.

Just waiting for the van from the mental institution to come around the corner....
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