Saturday, February 17, 2018

More angles of bridge

Not seen every day

Not great. My line is closed.

Had to go visit my breakfast burrito spot between trains

WTH, I'm always like a week off

When you end up in a part of the Central Station you've never seen before. #plottwist

The light rail don't play games.

Greatest country in the world, right?

Yes, we all hear you down there, Mr. GT3 man. #music #flat6

Cool idea, each order gets a token. The one with the most tokens at the end of the month gets $300,er others very $100 each. #charity

Burger joint art

Friday, February 16, 2018

It's a good thing I decided to take the ferry today


Now what damn ship is that?

What a shack.

Operatic tourism photo

Always kinda wanted to go here.

There's my boat, at anchor until 5


I'm on a boat

They just have their cocks out right in front of everyone

When you realize your ship arrives at 5pm. #nowwhat

It's funny when you end up walking to where the ship should be because there's no train from the nearest station to the hotel, but then the ship isn't there. #whereyouat

How do they carve this so perfectly?

Dafuq you need a 3-story apple store for?

Afraid of bears

Now there's a bike lane. #curbs #owntrafficsignal

In the words of Ozzy man reviews, "fuck yes mate, fuck yeah"

Crikey, now that's a bap!

Infomercial nightmares

Nothing about this appeals to me

Muppets 'Pepe the Über driver' fuck yes, mate

Nice one

Now that's a souvenir

Is this technically the Seminole hard Rock Cafe Sydney?

@jamesredman66 Targa 66 event is going down this weekend and I had to go to stupid Sydney for work. :-(

Anyone ever ask why this shit doesn't happen at private schools?

These guys know how to party. #schnitzelandchips

She spotted me as a drinker right away. #pitcherofwater

That's either a former or future monorail station, I think

Finally got to the hotel.

I was more impressed when I thought these were metal at first.

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