Saturday, March 31, 2018

Well, I'm not much to look at / and I'm not much to hear / but if you think I love you / you've got the wrong idea

Yes, a fucking go-kart track. On a ship.

Wind turbines. Those are piles of dead birds that the turbines killed, which are then burned to produce electricity, unless that's just some right - wing fossil fuel industry gibberish they expect you to believe.

What is this unholy shit. #mayonnaise #fries #welcometonetherlands­čç│­čç▒

Cool retro tower

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the sky-man-bun

I do love a comedy of errors, especially when it's billable. #happyeasterweekendingerman

They told me this was the bus to my connecting flight

Ja, Apfelschorle!

There's something strange about this aircraft, but I can't quite pin the tail on what it is

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