Monday, May 31, 2004

Okay, big day today. Took the entire front end back off of the truck, to replace the cab mounts. The front bumper hasn't lined up since I rebuilt the truck after the accident, and I noticed while working on the mirrors that the cab wasn't level relative to the bed. It seemed to me that if the driver's rear of the cab was low, it would make the passenger front fender high because it ultimately lines up off of the cab. So, off we go with the cab mounts. It turned out that the cab is actually damaged at the driver's rear, near the cab mount, so I shimmed it with a 3/16 plate and that leveled out the cab. Bolted everything else back up and aligned the hell out of it, and sure enough, the damn bumper still doesn't fit. There was a question about the radiator support mounts when I did that, and I used the later style ones, which are a little taller, so that may account for some of it, but the passenger side is definitely still screwy, which leads me to believe that the frame is tweaked. Oh well, when I get that far, the body shop will deal with it. I'm very close to having my bed cover lift working the way I want it to - took the weekend off of that to do the cab mounts, and I think I know how to build the hinges for the front hood after checking it out the other day. Got the milling machine set up and have been making some small parts, and just got though building a DRO for the mill. Have to buy scales to hook up to it, and then the mill should be pretty spiffy. Other than that, it's the usual circus around here.... Enjoy some pictures in the gallery - had the laptop doing a time-lapse style automatic photo thingy while I wasted my time today.

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