Saturday, March 17, 2018

I already had the taste for chili, so I tried it and discovered that it is similar to nihari. Surprisingly good

How you going to have chili with no beans?

Well, there's Saturday planned.

Every time I take a ferry, the boat is a little bit smaller each time. Tomorrow, it will be a canoe.

Norwegians aren't uptight about diving

Remember how big aircraft carriers used to look next to the Hammond? #theyrenot #ff1067

What's with the police bus? Expecting a delivery?


Das Boot

It's almost like modern submarine designers aren't even trying anymore. Kooky shit on the USS Growler.

Teeny tiny statue but no boat yet

Oy, it's the bleeding Concorde

Stupid cruise ship, where you at?

A hot, made-to-order cinnamon doughnut is an amazing thing. I'm going to need 46 more of these and a ride to the diabetes clinic.


Friday, March 16, 2018

That, somehow, is Brussels sprouts, and they are not bad

This is that new Freedom ish, right?

More clean boat windows

Waiting for the boot

Why would I want to trespass here?

Couldn't get a ticket but I got to walk past it

This is a big damn park

I want to go spit on chump tower

I ain't never been to no central park


6 dollars is not a slice, it's an investment

So many blinky tings

I'm on a boat. Where they never clean the windows it seems.

Confused much?

Well, they figured out my strategy of flying to New York, gaining access to the roof of a tall building, borrowing a ladder and then suing the building of something happens.

My current nemesis

Better view

Well, that's the easy part done

When you arrive at the conclusion that your work associate is not at the same hotel you're in and unlikely to meet you for breakfast at 8

Now off to work

It got dark.

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