Sunday, April 12, 2015

I'm definitely learning what not to do the more I fuck with this clutch adjustment. #youshouldnotbeonthefloornow

Make sure the clutch cable doesn't foul the throttle linkage in the tunnel, or you'll get to do that over again too. #dontneedthisshit #jetlag #mechanic

Been waiting for this to happen.

Well, there's your problem. Replacement cable stretched almost an inch over the course of about a year. #bullshit

FFS, what sorcery is keeping this damn clevis pin from coming out of here? Re-replacing clutch cable I replaced so it wouldn't fail because the replacement, if course, failed. #doover #unfun

Come at me, counselor. #toogoodnottoshare #sueme

It's hard to see here but this is a giant spider making a web near my garage. I think he is trying to catch my smart car.

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