Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Oh yeah, I also added lots of pictures of the new flooring at the house. I finally ripped out the nasty old carpet and put down wood flooring. My sister came out for a few days and re-decorated the whole joint, and it really looks nice now. Pics are in the house gallery. There's even one of Ed, the cat, in there.
Okay, I guess I'm through screwing around with this page for a while. I finally figured out how to re-locate the site into the correct directory, and it looks like the only thing I've lost is the original layout on this main page. I'll figure that out eventually, but it's a low priority right now. If you're wondering what's different, there should be a calendar on the right hand side of this blabbering, and an occasionally-updated "today in history" thingy above it. Well, they're gone. Tough for them...

I did finally add the pictures from the day I spent in London with my friends Howie and Pippa, doing the "tourist" thing - first chance I've had to do that in London. It made for a really long day, but we had a great time. Thanks again, Howie and Pippa.

I also have a few pictures of the new truck up. I'll take more eventually, but for now you'll have to settle for one rear fender and a few shots of a pretty dirty rear suspension.



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