Thursday, July 12, 2018

I won't order this again, it's basically a raw scrambled egg on top of nature's perfect food. It didn't add anything that was missing.

Maybe the answer is in this sujuk pie

Strange tattoos 101

If somebody is wearing a shirt that says "taurus" on it, is that a reference to the shitty car, the shitty gun manufacturer or the astrology sign?

Good thing I bought 15 of these little chumps before the tariff days. I let the smoke out of 2 of them by testing poorly and the third one works, just not with the wifi.

Not correct.

MQTT is currently some bullshit, but I will figure this out.

Oh, my bad, it was this little blue guy that failed. #stillbad

I will say I'm glad my garage didn't burn down when this capacitor in the old garage door automation control failed.

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