Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Ok - like I mentioned before, I've been pretty busy lately. Didn't have any idea just how long until I was reading the dates on the 'blog here... Wow, time flies when you're ass deep in aligators, doesn't it?

Since my last big news flash back in September, I spent almost an entire month in Cozumel, Mexico for work. Didn't get any pictures to speak of because I was pretty busy the entire time I was there, meeting a ship every day, and sometimes 2 a day. I got to come home for only a couple of days at the end of the month, then it was right back out again, this time to Hawaii for a few more ships. Now before you go off thinking this is just a free vacation, I had one of the most difficult troubleshooting problems, and most stressful visits to a ship since I started this job while I was out there. Paradise really sucks when you're the bad guy because the antenna isn't working right. I got home from that trip right around the 23rd of December.

I was home for christmas and really didn't do much of anything for the holiday. I spent some quality time with my butt and my TV both. Just sitting here, I really can't think of what the hell I did during the beginning of January. Near the end of the month and the beginning of February, I went to Singapore again - very nice birthday present due to the timing - and was going to Banda Aceh, Indonesia with Nortel Networks for a donated communications project. The whole job fought us all the way, and we ended up sailing on the USNS Mercy for a week, getting all the way to Banda Aceh before our component of the job was pronounced dead, and we just came home after that. Dave Lloyd from Nortel kept a much better weblog of the events than I did, so I'll refer you to HIS PAGE here. Working with Dave and Brett Jones from Nortel in Sydney, Australia was a real gas, even if we didn't end up doing a whole lot of real work - we did have a lot of fun along the way.

My roommate, Dutch, became my ex-roommate finally. Well, mostly - there's a bit of his stuff left in the dining room, but it's not killing me. Now I have the opportunity to re-do the room that he was in as a guest room. My friend Howie, from Surbeton (near London) works on yachts and will be doing a lot of stuff in my area soon. He was just out here for a week, and helped me out getting the bathroom into shape. I had just replaced the shower doors with a curtain, and he cleaned the hell out of everything and re-sealed the tub tile with caulking. It was good fun, and he got me motivated to do a lot of stuff myself. I moved a lot of the stuff I had stored in the spare bedroom / master bath (well, someday) room into the computer room and am getting ready to revamp the guest room - where Dutch used to live. I waited until Howie split, and now I'm going nuts in the guest room. I just killed the closet in the spare bedroom and knocked out the wall between that closet and the closet in the guest room to make one big closet, which should be nice. Got a few pictures HERE. If I had a previous picture of something, I tried to put it in there so you can get some perspective, but I'm realizing I don't have pictures of some of the things that bug me the most about this house. Oh well.

That's a hell of a lot of typing at one time, so I'll try and stay a bit more current from now on. :-)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

...not quite dead yet. Going to be adding some new stuff soon. Just been a little overwhelmed by work and stuff lately. Got some pictures I'll be adding in a couple of days, too.
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