Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Few things can screw up an awesome day like I was having than realizing you're supposed to be working. Maybe I'll check the schedule first tomorrow.

I think @loganbmxlife is packing a suitcase for Helsinki right now

Royal Enfield

Looks like Finnish for 2 lines of dirt jumps

Oh, what's that mean in English?

Just got this sweet ride for the day.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Definitely failed today. Should have taken one of the earlier flights back to Helsinki, but instead I say in the Copenhagen airport for too long and not even in a comfortable spot.

Estupid travel agency: when someone calls you because they need a hotel to sleep in THAT NIGHT, why would your description of the hotel begin with their cancellation policy? You think I'll change my mind on the flight and decide to sleep on a bench in the park? Dafuq.

In case you thought drug abuse was new, this spire is the tails of the 4 dragons at its base. #whatUsmokin

Why don't we get cool Toyotas like this?

Uh, what is going on here?


Bro, I found your bike.

Just walked around the corner and it's like boom. #sneaky #architecture

Danish danish

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