Saturday, February 24, 2018

HTF did I live to be 50 years old without this? #pizzaque

Posh rattle cans

I remember these were much more rotary

Nerd central

Now from the "didn't get enough attention as a child" crowd, every street - legal Viper that still runs.

There's the shiny

Someday it might be nice for the whole car to look as good as this side does right now. Of course, you can't see that in the photo.

Finna head to Ace Cafe because I ran out of things to do in Titusville

Presented without explanation (as though there is one)

John Stewart on 2 dope queens is amazing

Friday, February 23, 2018

Quick question that this raises. Can you name even one farmer?

Do you really want to name your product after the Bounty? I heard they did not have a great time.

"military - approved" colors? #soundsofficial #alsosoundslikebullshit

Waiting for dinner with the other crackers

Imma take this as evidence that my dude Lee got that 944.

Story of my life

Any Porsche-related amusements happening in the frozen north tomorrow? Cars & coffee? Lunch?

Now off to the wilds of Titusville

You have to be a tough mofo to be chilling barefoot on a regulation Florida sidewalk (average temperature 473K) while wearing fuzzy pajamas with pig ears and snout. #props

The sign spinner dude got no shoes and no front teefs but you'll know you're in the right place when the food arrives.

Happy to see that

I'm drinking the rat's coffee

Sure, lumpy 4-door shitbox driver, you'll have enough power to close the door on me after I have to pass you on the right. #spoileralert #noyoufuckingdonot

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