Friday, August 21, 2009

Mega-boost. I think this guy's name is Anthony - either way, he's got this box dialed.
Gio, mega-size 360 over Jason, Ryan, Chris and the fourth dude whose name I don't know. The software to do this is a little funky - notice, no wheels at the peak of the jump. Might need a wider angle for this to work right.

Good thing I like my day job. First attempt at doing this - spacing's a little too close for this to work. Josh 360 over the small spine.
** Tons of BMX pictures ** from last night. My back was sore, so I decided to take pictures instead of riding. Highlights include Gio doing 360's over the big spine and box jump, Chris and Gio doing 270 whips, and Josh with super-smooth 180 and 360 over the small spine.
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