Sunday, December 22, 2002

Okay, now that I have a new stove, the cabinets started to really look crappy. I designed myself an updated version of the cabinets using mill's pride's online kitchen designer, and today Donnie, my cabinet-guru friend and I went a little nuts at Home Depot. After showing the dude at Home Depot the design, he insisted on running it through their fancy version of THE EXACT SAME KITCHEN DESIGNER. Grrr. 2 hours later, and ~$1600 lighter, we finally escaped the Depot and were able to get started. Thing is, the FNG was the guy who ran it through the computer, so he sold us "in stock" cabinets that didn't exist, and ran us through the checkout procedure in the wrong order. We ended up with all except one cabinet, one set of doors, and another door set we had to order. I'm going to replace the countertop with tile, and the hideous backsplash - I'm not even sure if I ever got a picture of it, gawd it was so ugly. I'll set that up Monday night with the tile buddy, and Donnie's going to start finishing up the cabinets on Tuesday. I really wanted to get the new microwave installed today, but I'm very happy with what we did get done. I have quite a bit of wiring to do in the attic to make everything work right. Pics on the left, under "new cabinets 1". You know the drill.
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