Sunday, November 09, 2003

Last night, I attended a reunion party for the 3-15th Infantry with my dear friend Susan. The event was held at Ngala, which is a private game reserve co-owned by Fred Canaan, who was one of the officers I was with in Iraq. Fred had told all of us about Ngala while we were in Baghdad, but unfortunately for Fred, he didn't even come close to describing it. The reserve had several wild animals on display with their handlers, a troupe of african drummers and dancers, and a wonderful buffet-style feast. Susan was delighted by the animals, and we got to feed the giraffe by hand - what a beautiful animal! I really had a great time seeing everyone again, and I really felt at home again with the great folks of the 3-15. There were several speakers, including David Bloom's younger brother - it was truly a beautiful evening. I also was presented with a group photo of the 3-15 and had an opportunity to tell them how happy I was to be able to keep them in contact with their loved ones while we were in Iraq. It was very nice to have the chance to meet some of the people that were on the recieving end of the phone calls and emails I was able to provide for them.

Unfortunately, we had to leave to make the drive home to Hollywood, but Susan and I had a wonderful time and would like to thank the 3-15 Infantry for the honor of having been invited.

Again, I wish to thank all my brothers in the 3-15 for the honor of being able to attend your family reunion. I've posted a few pictures Susan and I took in a new gallery in the Iraq trip section.
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